Did Khal Drogo Play A Role In Landing Aquaman Role In Justice League?

In the world of DC comics, Aquaman has been known to be an underrated entity by comic fans. Although a staple in the comic world, the hero has not been a glorified entity like his fellow superheroes Superman and Batman.This might seem like a disadvantage to some, but it actually is a boon for a filmmaker. The upcoming movie, like Deadpool, has nothing to lose as no one has as high of an expectation as Batman.

This was what appealed to the film’s newest cast member Patrick Wilson.The actor, who is st to play Aquaman’s brother Orm aka Oceanmaster.The actor discussed in an interview with WBT radio  the appeal of an unknown superhero and why Jason Mamoa was his attraction to the project:
“I think the lure of Aquaman [is] because he hasn’t been overexposed on screen. And I don’t know Jason — I can’t wait to meet him. I was a huge fan even from the first episode of Game of Thrones, so I’m in — I’m in with him, and he’s gonna be fantastic.”
Patrick Wilson also notes that his trust in James Wan with the upcoming project was not for naught:
“I’m completely biased with James Wan, who I’ve done four films with — knowing that he’s at the helm and knowing what he … can do and what he will do, I’ll do anything with him,” he said.”
Khal Drogo Play Role Aquaman Justice League
Patrick Wilson has made a name in films playing complicated characters, even donning a superhero costume in his past film with DCEU’s top director Zack Snyder in the much lauded “Watchmen.”With a studio like DCEU, it’s a known fact that the special effects would not be a shoddy affair. Wilson also said:
“What’s gonna be interesting is there hasn’t been the technology to back up the storytelling, I guess, for Aquaman, until now.”

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