Hugh Jackman is Truly a Selfless Hero

In the world of superhero movies, a PG-13 rating is a universal rating that all movies abide by. Comic book characters who may have had some lewd and gory sensibilities in their comics become watered down versions of themselves for the sake of their audience target children and teenagers. That being said, it looks like a change is slowly coming after the success of Fox’s Deadpool.

The Merc with a Mouth was one of the first superheroes to no change the ethics of who he was in his solo film, and was given an R-Rating. A risky venture for Fox and for the filmmakers, but one that has paid off big time for everyone involved. Deadpool holds the record for the most successful film with an R-rating. Fox will continue the R-rating rampage with Logan, the third and last prequel for Wolverine.

Logan is the last Wolverine feature film with Hugh Jackman and the filmmakers did not waste any time getting down to the business when it came to the nitty and gritty of the film. Wolverine has traditionally been depicted as being one of the more violent characters in the comics, but that element took a backburner in the movies he was involved in. With Logan being Hugh Jackman’s swan song, no hesitations were made to depict Wolverine at his bloodiest and it seems like Hugh Jackman should get credit for it.

Hugh Jackman

James Mangold, director of Logan told attendees at the 2016 Butt-Numb-A -Thon event that the actor had sacrificed his pay cut for the upcoming film’s R-rating. The act showcased the passion that both Jackman and Mangold had for the film. With the pay cut, Fox was more willing to pursue the R-rating. The decision was integral to the final product which in this case is the much awaited Logan-a brutally gory film set in the future with an older Wolverine who is more depressed than he is angry, and a young X-23 who is in Logan’s care along with Professor Charles Xavier.

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