5 Most WTF Things Batman’s Butler Has Ever Done

When He Served Batman Ice Cream

We’ve seen a lot of unusual things in Gotham, yet the irregular straightforwardness of Alfred’s frozen yogurt fixation merits some regard. In The Dark Knight #4, Batman is hot on the heels of thwarting Poison Ivy, whose science lab he just went to. When he comes back to the Batcave, Bruce Wayne is in the zone and not to be pestered. He’s in the blessed of superhero holies, all things considered

When He Slapped Bruce Wayne

Quick forward thirty years when Bruce Wayne is building his new independent venture: turning into the Dark Knight. He’s in a foul state of mind, pompous crazy and touchy as can be. Batman’s Butler, furnished just with a stick and his activist mind, slaps Bruce cleans crosswise over than face and difficulties him: “Show me I’m wrong, you entitled brat. You aren’t close at ready.” Alfred recollects his preparation and unleashes its anger on Bruce, recoiling him and garments lining him without kindness. It’s a fierce, yet disciplinary activity and Alfred goes through the rundown of Batman’s inadequacies

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