8 Actors Who Took Their Movie Roles Way Too Far

Everyone wants to live the life of a celebrity (actor) as they live in a world of stardom and glamor. But there are many instances where living as an actor isn’t that glamorous and cool. Some actors might do some really crazy stuff to portray a character with utter perfection. Let’s have a look at 8 actors who took their movie roles way too far.

Robert De Niro (Cape Fear)

Robert De Niro is a highly talented actor and would go to any extent to do justice to his role. Martin Scorsese was confident in Robert De Niro and that’s why he cast him in the reboot of Cape Fear (1991). In order to look exactly like a man who was in prison for years, Robert De Niro made a dentist to stain and grind his teeth and paid him $20,000. His performance was widely appreciated and was nominated for Academy and Golden Globe Awards.

Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

The character of the Joker is not an easy one and Heath Ledger was well aware of this fact. In order to prepare for the role, he did some really crazy stuff. He locked himself in a hotel room for a month without any contacts with the outside world. He slept for only two hours a day and wrote many weird and insane things in his personal diary. Before doing all these things, he had met Jack Nicholson for help and suggestions.

Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Rooney Mara changed her complete appearance for the character as suggested by director David Fincher for her role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Weeks before the production has begun, Fincher asked Mara to live in Stockholm on her own and put her on a tough diet. She chopped down her lengthy bangs and colored her hair black. She also added several piercings to her body (even her nipple) without anyone’s suggestion in order to attain perfection.

Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade)

Sling Blade (1996) was Billy Bob Thornton’s directorial debut and he also played the central character in the movie. He played the role of an intellectually disabled man and the fact is that many moviegoers didn’t recognize him as he immersed himself into the role. The actor attached broken pieces of glass to his shoes to establish his character’s bizarre shuffle. This gave him a constant flow throughout the shooting.

Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Natalie Portman played the role of a ballerina in Black Swan and she was perfect in that role. She used to start her day by swimming a mile, doing breaststroke and front crawl. She spent hours doing ballet exercises after the swimming session. She also had a strict diet plan in order to lose her weight for her Academy Award-winning a role in the movie.

Daniel Day-Lewis (The Crucible)

Daniel Day-Lewis is an actor who would go to any extent to do justice to his role and we have seen it many times. But The Crucible (1996) is undoubtedly the oddest. He played the role of a 17th-century farmer and before the film shooting, he spent a whole summer on Hog Island (location). He lived there without any electricity and running water, and helped the production unit to build the movie sets. The actor even discarded today’s power tools and used the 17th-century tools!

Halle Berry (Jungle Fever)

Halle Berry is best known for her stunning looks and talents and has won an Oscar for the Monster Ball (2001). Her first critically acclaimed movie was Jungle Fever (1991) and she played the role of a prostitute who lived on the streets. Director Spike Lee was every much obsessed with her good looks. In order to portray her character with utter perfection, she never showered or bathed during the 10 days of shooting. Her dedication surprised the whole cast and crew members, especially the director.

Shia Labeouf (Fury)

8 Actors Who Took Their Movie Roles Way Too Far!

Director David Ayer asked his actors to give him their whole for his 2012 flick, Fury. They did the same, but Shia Labeouf went to the extreme side. Labeouf joined the National Guard of the United States to prepare for the film. He cut his face several times and even tattooed it for perfection. He didn’t care much about his personal hygiene and removed a tooth. Other actors, including Labeouf, use to have a fist fight in the set every day. David Ayer was pretty much impressed with his dedication.

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