5 Superpowers Which Make Anti-Venom The Strongest Symbiote

Created by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr., Anti-Venom first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #569 in 2008 and last appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #671 in 2011. As Eddie Brock was suffering from cancer he joined Martin Li’s  F.E.A.S.T. Center, where Martin used his powers on Brock to cure his cancer. But here, something goes wrong. Martin infuses the remnants of Venom Symbiote in Brock’s bloodstream turning him into a new symbiote Anti-Venom. This version is immensely strong and possessed incredible powers. So let’s take a look at his five strongest powers.

 1. Anti-Venom Has Super Strength

Before this new symbiote was generated and infused in Eddie Brock’s blood, he was able to lift put to 700lbs. After he was fused with the new one, he could able to lift up to whopping 70 tons. But that is just an epitome. His has immense strength and beat the shit of his enemies in a flick.

2. Super Durability

Just like his strength, Anti-Venom Symbiote can resist any level of injury from high caliber bullets to the superhero energy blast. He can absorb the bullets from smaller weapons and is no more susceptible to the weaknesses like fire and high sonics.

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