5 Biggest Comic Book Events That Proved To Be Better Than Movies

The published projects of Marvel and DC have gained a strong attention from comic book fans. The last year has been a great year for the fans and they got to see a lot of reboots and new series making spotlights. So peeps, here are the five biggest comic books moments of 2016 that proved to be better than movies.

Civil War II

The world had already been through a Civil War, but this time a super-minded human arrives in the second outing. This character has a strong potential to see the future. And then Captain Marvel thinks he could help stop criminality in the world before the crime events could happen. But Iron Man was not so impressed by the idea. The plot later follows War Machine being killed and Hulk being killed by Hawkeye.

 ARH Comics


ARH Comics is a company who make figurine statues. In 2016, the company came up with a new range of comics based on the statuette it makes. Some of them are Queen of Vampires, Arhian РThe Head Huntress and several others.

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