Top 5 Movie Stars Heading To Television

Once observed as the last nail in an on-screen character’s pine box, the move to TV has now been changed into a forcefully brilliant profession choice. With Hollywood’s expanded inclining towards huge spending activity motion pictures and TV’s never better nature of composing, there are more shots for a performing artist to use their specialty on the little screen.With news today that John Cusack is making the move to TV in an untitled Wall Street show, here are five different stars moving to the little screen this year.

 1) Clive Owen – The Knick


While Clive Owen discovered achievement in somewhat more unique or darker charge (Closer, Children of Men, Sin City), his endeavors to wind up a more customary driving man bombed (King Arthur, Derailed, The International) so at this phase in his profession, a move to the little screen appears like a sound arrangement. It bodes well when you discover that his new show, The Knick, originates from Steven Soderbergh, on a move after Side Effects and Behind the Candelabra. It’s a period show set at the Knickerbocker doctor’s facility in New York and you can see a brief mystery here.

2) Halle Berry – Extant

"Extant" - Los Angeles Premiere

As far back as her Oscar win for Monster’s Ball, the capable performing artist yet horrendous script peruser Halle Berry has had what’s coming to her of turkeys. Beside her Razzie-winning turn in Catwoman, she additionally endured in Die Another Day, Perfect Stranger and Movie 43. Astutely making the move to TV, Berry is heading up a yearning new show called Extant, delivered by Steven Spielberg. She’ll play a space traveler attempting to come back to earth following a year-long mission. There’s a baffling secret here. Good fortunes receiving much in return, however…

3) Bill Murray – Olive Kitteridge


Despite the fact that Bill Murray is as yet figuring out how to get himself parts in fascinating toll, they’re normally little, so like numerous on-screen characters of his age, he’s looking to TV for more screen time. He’s picked an adjustment of Olive Kitteridge, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, coordinated by Lisa Cholodenko, best known for The Kids Are All Right. He’s likewise featuring nearby Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins, which makes everything sound a smidgen extraordinary. The story itself concerns the lives of an educator and the general population around her in a little Maine town.

4) Robert De Niro – Criminal Justice


While he quickly endless supply of his previous grandness, because of David O’Russell, with an Oscar-assigned turn in Silver Linings Playbook and a cameo part in American Hustle, it’s been basically an extreme trudge for anybody watching a film featuring De Niro in a previous couple of years. Substituting between forgettable DTV grain (has anybody seen The Bag Man, Freelancers or Killing Season?) and “aren’t old individuals interesting” showy toll (Last Vegas and Grudge Match), need a change. After the death of James Gandolfini, De Niro has assumed control over the lead of Criminal Justice, a lawful show in light of a BBC arrangement from 2008. It will likewise star the somewhat incredible Riz Ahmed.

5) Greta Gerwig – How I Met Your Dad

5 Top Five Movie Stars Heading To TV

An as of late declared, rather a disputable one here. Having made the move from small-scale mumblecore in Hannah Takes The Stairs through to greater nonmainstream players like Greenberg, Gerwig went full-standard, and floundered, in Arthur and carried it back with her Golden Globe-designated execution in Frances Ha. Keeping in mind the 30-year-old performer makes them captivating ventures coming up, she chooses to lead the pack in the How I Met Your Mother turn off, astounding pretty much everybody. Her character Sally will evidently be “a female Peter Pan”. Which sounds odd.

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