Justice League Adds Another Flash Character Into The Movie

DCEU’s upcoming release Justice League may be adding another major character into its cast. The film has already been reported to feature Aquaman and his lady love Mera  and it seems like another potential couple will also make some screen time in the movie as well.


Iris West, who will be played by Kiersey Clemons, has been confirmed to make a small cameo in the upcoming movie. She would be the second The Flash cast member to be making an appearance, following Barry Allen who is a team member of the Justice League. Iris West is a journalist and close friend of Allen. Their romance has been touted to be one of the greatest romance of the DC comic universe. Her cameo may also be a teaser for what would be coming in the upcoming solo Flash movie.



It was reported back in July by Variety reporter Justin Kroll that Clemons would be in the movie. In light of the recent situation that The Flash has been facing ( The movie parted ways with director Rick Famuyiwa), Kroll has made an update on his report. As Justice League has already completed its production, Clemons has been said to have completed her cameo as well. Kroll also made an assumption that if Kroll left, the studio could cut her scene just like how Sony cut Shailene Woodley’s scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


As Famuyima was responsible for giving Clemons her breakout role in last year’s Dope, many had speculated that Clemons could have also walked away from the picture in the bid of loyalty to the director. As there have not yet been any reports that the act has happened, it seems like Clemons will be staying on with her role in the upcoming The Flash movie. There has not been any news  about a replacement director to helm the movie as of right now.

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