Justice League: 5 Facts You Need To Know About The Movie

Justice League, the fifth movie from DCEU is a much-anticipated movie, but not much has been said officially about this upcoming film. Here are five facts we know so far from the movie:

1) Motherboxes Are The MacGuffins:


MacGuffins is the object (or objects) the heroes and/or villains must collect in order to save the day or destroy the world. MaGuffins have played a pivotal role in every superhero movie that has been released these days. Marvel has its Infinity Stones disguised as various other objects that will be pivotal for Avengers: Infinity War. Justice League has its own MacGuffin in the form of the Motherboxes. The Motherboxes are cubes that act like “live computers” that came from Steppenwolf’s home planet Apokolips. In the DCEU, three boxes have been left on earth to the Atlanteans and Amazonians. One box was present in Batman Vs Superman with two more being shown in the deleted scene of BvS.

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Amy Fanai

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