Here’s The Batman EASTER EGG Suicide Squad Had Been Secretly Hiding

Suicide Squad was the first film in the DCEU to acknowledge the different corners that the previous film had not featured. The film prominently used some major players from the world of Batman and Gotham scene. From Harley Quinn and The Joker to Deadshot, the caped crusader just seemed to be the unseen spirit of the film. And it seems like these Batman criminals were not the only ones that were in the film. Another major key player in Gotham was keeping low-key in the background of the film as well.


A Reddit user and noted DCEU fan spotted the easter egg after re-watching Suicide Squad. The fan was watching a wide shot scene of Gotham city, after the Dark Knight captures Deadshot, he spotted a building displaying a sign that says, Falcone. Batman fans will know that it could only mean one thing- Gotham City’s notorious mob boss Carmine Falcone.

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The character was created by comic book artist and writer Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli for Batman: Year One. Falcone was the most feared and major mobster in Gotham who had his own run-in with Batman and other Gotham criminals as well. In Batman Begins, the mob boss controlled Gotham City’s underworld  until his former business   former business partner Dr. Johnathan Crane, a.k.a. Scarecrow, drove him insane with fear gas.


This little easter egg may be an indication of Falcone being a known player for the upcoming film The Batman. The film has been rumored to be based on Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One after Ben Affleck has mentioned the comic as being a major inspiration for the upcoming film. Whether this rumor holds true or not has not been officially confirmed.


The Dark Knight does have one criminal who will be causing him some problems in the film. Deathstroke was confirmed to be the main villain for the film with actor Joe Manganiello playing the part of the mercenary killer.

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