10 Amazing Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer Itself

A good movie is nothing without a good plot twist. In the years that went by and the years to come, all the memorable movies that came and will come will always have some misdirection in the plot that will completely turn the tables. Hollywood has mastered that art. They have managed to keep the biggest secrets hidden. Yet some times, even Hollywood screws up. The following list contains incredible blockbuster movies with amazing plot twists that were accidentally revealed in the trailer of the movies itself. Presenting – 10 Amazing movie plot twists ruined by the trailer itself!!!

 10. Terminator 2: Judgment Day – The Terminator is the protagonist

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

The Terminator of 1999 revolutionized cinema. James Cameron’s magic followed by the nefarious Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular Terminator created a shockwave in the science-fiction arena. The machines were coming. But for the time being, they had been warded off. In T2: Judgment Day, the Terminator returns and the trailer which shows that it was now tasked with protecting John Connor, not kill him. The twist was a good marketing component and Judgment Day still went on to become a super-hit. Yet the twist could have been saved for the movie instead of being shown in the trailer. The Terminator franchise is notorious for showing their major plot twists in the trailers itself. This one was just one minor mistake. More are yet to come.

 9. Batman vs. Superman – Wonder Woman’s entry scene

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

This movie had the world’s two most popular superheroes – Batman and Superman. What else did this movie need to be honest? Granted the storyline did not fall within the grasps of the casual movie-goers but it was still one solid piece of work, some would say even a masterpiece that could stand on its own leg. Wonder Woman’ role, played by Gal Gadot could have been hidden until the movie’s release. It is not uncommon for a movie to hide the role of one of its major characters. It has been done before. The Wonder Woman scene would have garnered much more applause had they kept it a secret until the movie hit the theatres and let the audience find it out. It was really hard to see a movie like Dawn of Justice go to waste because the Studio decided to meddle and ruin a perfectly well-crafted plan. That is why the movie suffered.

 8. Thor: Ragnarok – Hulk’s appearance

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

Nobody knew where the Hulk was after the events of Age of Ultron. The fans kept asking and the Studio stayed mum. Then the Thor: Ragnarok trailer hit the internet and we finally knew. The Hulk was now in Sakaar and will fight Thor in a gladiator match. Our problem is – it would have been an even sweeter twist had the Studio kept the Hulk’s role in the movie a secret. The movie had more than enough feathers on its cap to show in the trailers. The Hulk raging into the stadium would have been much more epic if the audience would have seen it in the theatres instead of the trailers that came months earlier, ruining a good twist. The audience would have loved it if the Studio could have maintained the Hulk barging into the movie a secret.

 7. The Avengers – Iron Man is saved by the Hulk

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

At the end of the movie, Iron Man, realizing that Captain America was right and all his life he had only cared about himself, decides to prove Steve Rogers wrong. When a nuclear missile is being launched to destroy Manhattan along with the alien Horde, Iron Man steers the missile into the portal and annihilates the alien Chitauri fleet. His lifeless body freefalls onto the surface of the Earth and nobody is sure whether he will be saved or not until the Hulk catches him and sets him on the ground. But if you had seen the trailer carefully, this scene was already spoiled. Everyone knew that Iron Man was not going to die.

 6. Ender’s Game – This is no game

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

Ender’s Game revolves around a group of gifted child prodigies being trained to become the future generals to help Earth win a war against the Formics, a group of ant=like alien beings. After passing all his tests with flying colors, Ender is asked to give one final VR test – a battle simulation where he will be given the impossible task of destroying the alien Formic race in one swift calculated strike. He succeeds, only to realize to his horror that this was no game but actual reality. Ender had just helped the human race drive an entire race into mass extinction. The “This is no game” tagline was all over the movie’s posters and trailers, so everyone knew what was going on.

 5. Age of Ultron – The Vision reveal

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

Vision is a superhero not as well-known as say, Thor, the Hulk or Iron Man. He appeared first in Avengers: Age of Ultron. While the MCU is way more secretive when it comes to marketing campaigns and uses disinformation strategies to throw its fans off-guard, it was not as careful during the Marketing campaign of Age of Ultron, which had revealed Vision’s debut in the movie way earlier than the actual release date. This did not just create confusion amongst the casual, non-comic book reading movie-goers but also ruined the surprise for many hardcore comic book nerds.

 4. LOTR: The Two Towers – Gandalf lives

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

Lord of the Rings is one of the most classic storylines to ever exist. It has everything – fantasy, drama, action, comedy, suspense, horror, you name it they got it. And in this movie franchise, Gandalf, played by Sir Ian McKellen, is easily the most popular character. So his death in the mines of Moria shocked many. Yet he appears again in Two Towers, resurrected as Gandalf the White. His return was teased well in advance, with Gandalf’s new appearance shown at the very end of the trailers itself. The Studio did not even fathom to hide his return.

 3. Terminator: Genisys – John Connor is a Terminator

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

Like we said before, the Terminator franchise is infamous for spoiling the fun for the fans. They have been held guilty of giving away important plot details in the early, pre-release marketing campaigns itself. In Genisys, they take it up a notch. They reveal it in the trailer itself that John Connor, the savior of the human race in the Human-Machine War, is himself a terminator. The movie never got any warm reception from the critics but there are several instances of a movie not being critically successful yet make it in the Box Office. This plot twist took that chance away from the movie as well.

 2. The Incredible Hulk – Tony Stark’s Cameo

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

The Incredible Hulk is considered by many to be a highly underrated movie. The venomous tryst that Edward Norton had with the Studio ruined his career as a superhero in Hollywood! Many do not know but The Incredible Hulk of 2008 is actually part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tied to it by one single appearance at the end of the movie. The ending of the movie sees Robert Downey Junior aka Tony Stark ask whether the Hulk is available for joining the Avengers. The movie trailer itself gave away this scene, something that should have been kept a secret. How could they mess that up?

 1. Shutter Island – Teddy is insane

Movie Plot Twists Ruined by The Trailer

We will not accuse the trailer of Shutter Island to be spoiler-ridden.  But it had its flaws. The movie showed the exploits of Teddy Daniels, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, a detective trying to investigate the disappearance of a woman named Rachel Solando in a mental asylum. In the end, the big reveal is that Teddy is himself a mental patient and whatever we saw throughout the movie were just his imagination that he role-played with the Hospital Staff playing along to his fantasies. The trailer contained several scenes which showed DiCaprio’s character experiencing surrealistic trances. That meant one of two things – either ghosts are involved or Teddy Daniels is insane. Given the genre of the movie, it was pretty obvious why the audience predicted the movie’s outcome to be the latter.

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