8 Movies Guaranteed To Fuck With Your Head

You thought Inception was the only one ? Check out these 8 amazing movies that will definitely mess with your head and will leave you thinking.

1) Mulholland Drive (Year: 2001)


Wanna you mess with your mind? Then you gotta watch this movie. And I am sure after watching this movie you will feel uncomfortable, dissociative, and bumpy. For a second you will feel as if you came back from a different planet.

 2) The Lobster (Year: 2015)


This movie will make you think, not just once or twice, but over and over again. This movie has got a lot of twist and turns and is definitely disturbing.

 3) The Skin I Live In (Year: 2011)


Even if you love Almodóvar movies, still this one will make you feel as if you have just arrived from a roller coaster ride. This movie is dark, sad and moving for sure.

4) The Butterfly Effect (Year: 2004)


It will be really tough for you to make any decision after you watch this movie. Because by the time you have watched this movie, you would realize that every small action of yours can have grave consequences.

 5) Dogtooth (Year: 2009)


It’s absolutely miserable and insignificantly incomprehensible outside of a certain context. The movie starts out in the vein of a black comedy but deviates into more profound and much more troubling themes.

6) 2001: A Space Odyssey (Year: 1968)


The whole movie will make you intrigued, startled, and very uncomfortable. So, in a nutshell the movie will absolutely mess with your mind, body, and soul.

7) Interstellar (Year: 2014)

7 Check out these 8 Movies that will definitely Fuck With Your Head.

This movie is crazy, wild and bizarre and will play with your brain like anything. So, if you wanna mess with your head, then go ahead and watch this flick.

8) Primer (Year: 2004)


Primer will clutter with your head for days, months, or even years afterward (or maybe beyond that). The movie alone needs numerous viewings to try to comprehend all the time travel lines.

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