5 Superheroes Who Went To The Dark Side

3) Wolverine


Like Jean Grey, Wolverine is a standout amongst the most perceived characters in the Marvel Universe, And like Superman, he’s a character who has turned underhandedness various times (which is reasonable considering to what extent he’s been around), however, he was dependably either affected or under the control of an outsider.

4) Maxwell Lord


He is not by any stretch of the imagination wretched; he once was entrusted with framing the new Justice League International group taking after the occasions of the universe-changing story curve Crisis on Infinite Earth. Delineated as a flippant specialist with apparently no restriction, Maxwell Lord has jumped amongst great and fiendishness various times. Be that as it may, on account of the laws of retconning, he’s presently observed as to some degree a scoundrel who holds back before turning into a genuine supervillain.

5) Cyclops

5 superheroes evil

Without a doubt, Scott Summers otherwise known as Cyclops has dependably been to some degree a yank yet he was never wretched. However, in the Marvel Universe, saints can’t generally control their activities. Like what happened with Jean Grey, Cyclops once got to be devoured by the Phoenix Force and consequently turned underhandedness, decimating for all intents and purposes the majority of the X-Men.

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