5 Superheroes Who Changed Their Names

Superheroes are unpredictable and their tradition to change their name, identities and superpowers(not often) lead us to the different comic book aspects that we could never imagine. At some point in their comic book career, they decide to change their name may be due to their post-kick mentality or just to leave behind their past mentor away. You don’t know. So here we bring you five legendary superheroes who changed their names.

1) Hank Pym / Ant-Man / Giant-Man / Yellowjacket


Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym burst onto the superhero scene as the primary incarnation of the size-evolving Ant-Man. It was amid this time he helped found the Avengers with his accomplice Janet Van Dyne, otherwise known as the Wasp. The Pym Particles that he concocted and which permitted him to recoil and develop in the end drove him to get generously greater, rather than littler.

Once he’d sunk into this new shape-evolving pattern, he refashioned his ensemble (strangely highlighting the radio wires while dropping the other creepy crawly associations) and named himself Giant-Man. This soon offered an approach to Goliath, in a stunning yellow-and-blue number, before some waylaid chemicals made him fairly crazy. Asserting Pym was dead, he then went up against the wretched Yellowjacket persona, finish with another ensemble.

2) Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle


Barbara Gordon is well known in the DC Universe for being compelled to change her superhero character. After the passing of her folks at a youthful age, Barbara was taken in by her uncle, Commissioner James Gordon. Officially fixated on Batman, her fascination just strengthened when she found that her asserting father worked intimately with the Dark Knight.

She started concentrating on hand to hand fighting and even planned her particular wrongdoing battling outfit. Inevitably, she put them both under a magnifying glass when she appeared as Batgirl in a fight against Killer Moth. After years battling nearby Batman, Barbara resigned to some degree from the life. It was amid this time the Joker broke into her home, capturing the Commissioner and shooting her. The minute is a standout amongst the most acclaimed in funnies, and in the end prompted to Barbara being incapacitated and kept to a wheelchair. That didn’t stop her yearning to do great, in any case, and she, in the end, planned a perplexing PC data framework and took the name Oracle to help the Bat Family in their endeavors.

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