5 Most Powerful Weapons In Marvel And DC Comics

The Marvel/DC Universe has many powerful weapons that could eradicate existence as we know it. Thankfully, there have been true heroes to detain villains from taking over these weapons. Here are five of the most powerful weapons in comics:

Heart Of The Universe:


In the Marvel Universe, there has always been a balance between good and evil. When Death decided to bring back to life a whole bunch of superheroes from the dead, the rest of the universe became out of sync which led to the creation of the Heart of the Universe to counterbalance itself. The Heart was first possessed by an ancient pharaoh named Akhenaten. Thanos, along with Earth’s greatest heroes stop the pharaoh. Thanos, of course, ends up possessing The Heart but realized that it was much stronger than the Infinity Gauntlet. He killed everyone including the Living Tribunal when they tried to stop him, except  Adam Warlock. Warlock convinced Thanos to destroy the Heart and return everything as it was. The Titan does, rendering the Heart non-existent for everyone except Thanos.

Infinity Gauntlet:


In Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos acquired all of the power gems (or soul gems as they were called) and took control over them using a gauntlet. Thanos had defeated all the Elders who guarded the gems in the mini-series Thanos quest. Thanos planned to use the Infinity Gauntlet to kill the entire universe for the sake of impressing Death. Unfortunately for him, the entire Marvel Universe was affected, and the superheroes that presided in Marvel could not just sit idle and let this happen. Adam Warlock used his connection to the Soul Gem to understand that Thanos did not want to be omnipotent (like a god) and somehow won the glove from Thanos. Warlock went before the Living Tribunal, the cosmic entity that judges all of the creation, and the Tribunal determined that the gauntlet could never be used again.

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