5 Most Amazing DC Comics Storylines Ever



The Golden Age is an Elseworlds story and not the last one we’ll be discussing on this rundown. Likewise, with all different Elseworlds stories, The Golden Age depends on a start that includes that includes the question “Consider the possibility that?” For this situation, the incredible situation at play includes Justice Society of America individuals who have resigned taking after the occasions of World War II. While they conform to life in a world that no longer appears to regard them or their thoughts, another gathering of legends has their spot and attempt to discover reason in a nation that no longer appears to be worth battling for.

The essential thought offers similitudes with the commence of Watchmen and some different stories, yet The Golden Age is a great deal keener on looking at the frequently romanticized perspective of post-war America from a frequenting new point of view. The Golden Age is a war of thoughts that any cutting edge American will have the capacity to identify with. While it relies on a couple of ridiculous comic traditions to express what is on its mind, The Golden Age is an astoundingly applicable story that challenges to look at the harm that dread can bring about.



The Black Mirror is a Batman story for another era. In this universe, Dick Grayson has expected the part of the Dark Knight and is attempting to truly grapple with his new part. Regardless he lives in the shadow that Bruce Wayne’s Batman has thrown over the city of Gotham, yet the same can’t be said of the city’s crooks, who are trying the new Batman’s points of confinement. Into this situation comes an old face whose capacity to spread dread might be more prominent than Batman’s. Presently, all who battle for trust in Gotham must glimpse profound inside themselves if they are to battle one more day.

With The Black Mirror, Scot Snyder did what some contemplation was unimaginable and gave us a conclusive Batman story for the cutting edge age. His story is one of eras and legacies. Much like how The Joker constrained Bruce Wayne to deal with his darker side, the landing of another risk strengths Dick Grayson and those near him to grapple with the way that they are altogether doomed to an existence of war and awfulness. It’s genuinely unpleasant.


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It’s enticing to outline Red Son as the narrative of what might happen if Superman was a Russian. That is the start this comic is based on. Rather than landing appropriate in the heart of provincial America, the Kal-El of Red Son lands ideal amidst the Soviet Union. Construct exclusively on that idea; you may feel this is an anecdote around a malevolent Superman. To a certain extent, that is valid. Red Son features snapshots of Superman being abhorrent, LexLuthor being the legend, and the various distorted points of view you may take up with an Elseworlds story.

At last, however, Red Son turns out to be a strikingly unobtrusive story. It’s but rather about malevolent and great it’s about attempting to genuinely envision how a change of environment may affect the legacy and activities of Superman. Surprisingly, the investigation of that situation prompts to a standout amongst the most entire and genuine examinations of the Superman character. It’s the comic book world’s most prominent endeavor to answer questions identifying with nature versus sustain.

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