3 Marvel Villains That Will Never Appear In Movies

Exceptions are always there but Marvel seems to be unstoppable in the way it has already declared the roster of superhero movies for next year. On of the stumbling block for the comic book, force is the way it portrays its villains. Though, some of them like Thanos and Galactus are quite badass ones who are superior in the category of strongest villains. the trend does not end here, there are several villains who are waiting to make their cinematic appearance., while some are too complicated and lame to be considered for it. So her we are counting down on three marvel villains that we will never see them in any movie.

1. White Rabbit

Super villain White Rabbit is an adversary of Frog Man and Spider-Man. Born to a financially rich guy, she could not tolerate being a trophy wife and killed her husband. She later turned into a master criminal. Her insanity and wacky playboy style do not even score near to Harley Quinn. She gained financial stability from robberies and spend enormously on her robots. And it would be gross to consider her for the cinematic world.

2. Mole Man


Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Mole Man made its first appearance in The Fantastic Four #1 in November 1961. He was once a problem for several heroes including Fantastic Four. It is not about his character and more of a franchise problem. Fantastic Four failed to bring to that much of traction and it seems like there is no way Mole Man can make it to big screens without the franchise.

3. Stryfe


Created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld, Stryfe first appeared in the New Mutants #86 in February 1990. Well, what is so wrong with him ? Well, from his storyline to his costumes, the character is complicated. He is actually the clone of Cable, which was discovered by forces of Apocalypse. He later was brought up as the son of Apocalypse and was later dubbed as Stryfe. His cloning and time travel things are too much to consider him as a villain. His introduction itself would take a lot of time.

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