WWE Hell In A Cell 2016 Results

Here are the results of the most awaited event – WWE Hell In a Cell 2K16!

1. Charlotte is the WWE Women’s Champion!


Charlotte moves up onto the turnbuckle, however, Banks strikes her in the back and moves the table. She props it up in the inverse corner and goes for a running power bomb, yet her back is excessively frail, making it impossible to lift the challenger.

Charlotte tosses her like a cloth doll onto the table twice, which doesn’t break, and hits Natural Selection! Charlotte wins!

Disappointing completion in light of the fact that the table didn’t break, yet what a match.

2. The New Day Retain


Sheamus gets into a scrap with Big E and Kofi at ringside, while Cesaro makes Woods tap to the Sharpshooter!

Be that as it may, the ref precludes The New Day for a Trouble in Paradise kick by Kingston on Sheamus, which means The New Day hold their titles.

That was an odd closure, yet it was a decent match and it appears Sheamus and Cesaro could be the ones to take these titles in the end.

3. New CruiserWeight Champion Brian Kendrick!


Kendrick tries to apply his Captain’s Clutch however TJ defeats him. Presently Brian figures out how to get to the ropes and escape Perkins’ TJP Clutch.

He drives TJ confront first into the turnbuckle and searches for Sliced Bread #2, which is blocked.

The veteran goes down, unquestionably faking a leg harm, and Perkins gets it, approaching check and help his companion to his feet, just to get a headbutt for his inconveniences! Chief’s Clutch… Perkins submits!

We have a new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Brian Kendrick!

That was a decent match, disgrace the group simply did not move for it.

4. Kevin Owen Beats Seth

hell in a cell

Owens and Jericho set up two steel chairs & KO Pop-up Powerbombs Rollins into them. That is got the chance to be it. KO holds the Universal Championship!

That was an awesome match, everything a Hell in a Cell challenge ought to be. Heaps of dramatization and some splitting spots.

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