Top 4 Greatest ‘Chosen One’ Characters

In a movie, there might be a lot of characters whom you love due to various reasons. There might be a lot of important characters in a movie, but ‘there can be only one.’ In this list, we will be looking at individual characters based on their characterizations, specialty, uniqueness, troubles they have to face, and most importantly, this character must be the only hope. Let’s have a look at top 4 greatest ‘chosen one’ characters.

4) Ash Williams


Ash Williams is the protagonist of the Evil Dead franchise and the chosen one. Ash Williams is also one among the many characters in the movies destined to save the world. He had to face and experience a lot of hardships as he has seen his friends and girlfriends being possessed by evil spirits and they were all ultimately killed. He is not shown as the chosen one in the first two parts until he is transported to 1300 AD. Later he fulfills the prophecy by saving the ancient world from the army of Deadites.

3) John Connor


John Connor is the chosen one in the Terminator Franchise. In the first movie, Terminator (1984), we saw that the machines have sent the terminator to kill John Connor’s mother Sara even before John was born. But she manages to survive and we saw a rebellious teenager John Connor in the second part, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Then the machines again send another terminator in the second part to kill John. But he survives and we saw that the machines kept on sending terminators in each part (movie). He must and he will survive at any cost as he is the only chosen one to save this world from the domination of machines.

2) Harry Potter


Harry Potter is one of the most loved franchises and character all around the world. He is not only famous in the wizarding world but also the only one who is capable of demolishing Voldemort, the Dark Lord. For each and every kid across the globe, Harry Potter is a phenomenon and the only chosen one. The threats and calamities are really high in each New Year at Hogwarts, and we all have seen Harry Potter rising bravely against all odds.

1) Thomas A. Anderson / Neo


Thomas A. Anderson / Neo is the lead character of the Matrix franchise. Agent Smith may always prefer to consider Neo as Thomas A. Anderson but for us, he is Neo; the only chosen one. Neo is just one among the many chosen ones entrusted with the task of ensuring the survival of their species. But he breaks and comes out of the cyclical path and changes the Matrix world completely for the first time.

Joyal Jose

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