5 Stages of Evolution of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

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Rick Grimes, a leader, a father, a mentor, a friend, but most of all, a zombie/human face bashing badass! Not many characters have endured through 6 seasons of The Walking Dead, but those who have, are now different people altogether. The same goes for the show’s protagonist Rick Grimes who went from being a Naïve Good Guy to a Strategic Badass. Rick has undergone such massive change through the course of 6 seasons and has encountered such pivots that documenting them all is impossible. Here’s a look at the moments and stages in the series that now define who he is.

The Family Man

The Walking Dead begins with Rick alone and takes the most conventional plot line, finding family. Rick is portrayed as a family guy ever since the early stages of the show. As stunned and confused as he is with all that’s going on around him, he is focused on finding his family and is optimistic about their survival. In his own words to Merle, he will stop at nothing to find his family and whoever comes in his way will fail.

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