5 Things WWE Doesn’t Want You To Remember About ‘The Rock’

But he has a couple of things in his past which might raise an eyebrow. Uh, a people’s eyebrow. Here are 5 things that WWE wants you to forget about The Rock.

1. All the Other People Who Were Called ‘The Rock’


The Rock as many names. He’s the Brahma bull, the people’s champion, he’s Rocky Maivia, Dwayne, the most electrifying man in all of the sport entertainment. He’s at least a third person to be called The Rock. Ole Anderson called himself Alan, the Rock Rogowski in the 60’s but not mote famous was Don Muraco who wrestled as the Rock Morocco in the seventies and eighties and was the first ever King of the Ring. WWE would probably like fans remembering Dwayne Johnson as The Rock and him alone.

2. He Borrowed Some Of His Signature Catchphrases


The rock is the reason why the word smackdown is in webster’s dictionary. He actually created a new world. He has been responsible for so many signature phrases and word’s it’s hard to count. ┬áBut some of them he had a little help. Jabroni which is a play on the word Jaba is one of his best-known words after all the Smackdown hotel is located on the Jabroni avenue.

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