3 Reasons Why There Should Be More Superhero Crossover Movies

Besides the fact that comic book world has a huge bunch of superhero storylines, one thing that would keep Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Universe rolling out new superhero movies are “crossovers”. The fascination reaches a new level when we get to see the crossovers like Marvel’s Spider-Mann meeting DC’s Superman and Marvel’s Wolverine meeting DC’s comics. Irrespective of how both the comic book world’s compete with each other, isn’t it exciting to see our favorite heroes crossing over with other universe’s superheroes?  Here, we bring you three reasons that why there should be more crossover movies.

1. The selling graph is high


Ever since The Avengers hit the big screens, the superhero movies touched a new level in the cinematic universe. And the idea of bringing the movies worked out well. The movie was worth watching and one of a kind that made fans urge for more. Marvel and DC universe rolled out several individual films before they dipped their toes in a crossover style. One of the ironies that we noticed that Robert Downey’s Iron Man(2008) was a hit, but as per the expectations, it failed to touch the one-billion milestone. However, The Avengers(2012) grossed $1.5 billion turning out to be one of the highest grossing movies in its theatrical run.

2. Genre


Superhero cinematic universe has massively rolled about several solo origin films and other solo series. And we look at superhero cinematic statistics, in past years the number of superhero movie shave increased and in the next six years, there are not less 40 Marvel and DC movies lined up. Are you kidding me? !!! Well, that’s the truth. Unlike the other cinematic narratives, the crossover can bring a lot of contexts. Moreover, it opens the possibility for both the universes to use their library extensively.

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