AJ Styles Vs. Shawn Michaels For The WWE World Championship Would Make Royal Rumble A Legit Sellout

AJ Styles tried to play with the internet and Tweeted :

shawn michaels aj styles

Without a doubt it is intriguing. AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels, whose vocation bends of high-flyer-turned-primary eventer reflect each other to a tee, make for perfect rivals. Not only will the 2016 Royal Rumble be in Shawn Michaels’ main residence San Antonio, Texas,but also WWE will have the tall undertaking of filling the 72,000-situate Alamo Dome. This is a WrestleMania scene, so WWE should convey a WrestleMania lineup.

Shawn Michaels, who showed up in incredible physical condition amid his amaze appearance at WrestleMania, will figure to be required in the Royal Rumble by one means or the other. There’s dependably the likelihood that he makes a brief cameo in the Royal Rumble match. This would prompt one of the loudest pops in WWE history, yet the issue with that situation is that it doesn’t offer any tickets. In the event that Michaels is to be included in such a turning point occasion, WWE would be silly not to report it early.

The late return of Goldberg is an update that anything is conceivable in WWE. “Never say never, eh?” said Goldberg amid his essential promo from Raw.

For as far back as six years, Michaels has turned into a peculiarity as a pro wrestler who had resigned without a rebound. Return gossipy tidbits have been few and far between as he appreciates an outside, chasing way of life in his post-wrestling presence. Be that as it may, if at any point the 51-year-old previous WWE champion was to come back to the WWE ring, this is the ideal opportunity.

The roster of WWE is broken. For the past 5 years, the WrestleMania’s main event has featured at least one of the part-time performers from the past era. WWE has mistakenly catered to a small hardcore audience with a roster that is filled with every man’s veterans from the independent wrestling circuit. As a result, ratings and live event attendance have been ugly. With all this being said, WWE would be able to fill the Alamo Dome because of its in-house talent, the one, and only Shawn Michael.

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