Will we ever see Multi-verse in the DC Cinematic Universe?

DC Universe in itself is vast, but when you think of DC Multi-Universe, well odds are humongous. This concept was mainly introduced by Zack Snyder about a month back, playing around with multi-universe allowing them to do a bunch of different things with two different stories going on simultaneously. Where we see two Flash,Two Superman, two Batman etc. move along in parallel but different Universe.


In simple term – This is how we see on TV and then in the movies. However, the big question still remains, will we ever get to see them cross paths? Here’s our take on it. It wouldn’t be possible until a major calamitous event takes place where the two worlds are forced to come together.


Then again – can we bring in DC Universe into DC multi-universe and if yes, how would this take place? For now, the odds seem pretty complicated since we saw Flash Season 2 bring in most of the characters in the multiverse that could work in the confines of DC continuity. While introducing multi-parallel earth within the CW universe, including Super Girl which would eventually be bought into the CW Universe.


If you watched closely, some major hints were dropped during Flash Season 1 and 2 where Flash disappears and the red skies appearing. Pretty much indicating the 1987 crisis on the infinite earth. While Warner Bros owns the whole of DC Universe there is a possibility.

With CW Universe, we have Flash, Arrow and Supergirl doing their own stuff. Whereas, Fox owning Gotham and Lucifer, mainly focuses on the back story of the Gotham city and the villains that it colonized. And Lucifer based on the Vertigo series.

So while these characters belong to various Universe and separated by Networks and Studios. What we want to know is, if there is even the slightest chance that these characters can cross the path or even appear in the movie universe?


In actuality we have seen some major crossover, this was when Constantine got canceled but then Constantine made an appearance in Arrow shocking the fans. This again happened with Super Girl and Flash. Two Networks but same company, big moment we should say!! What we find amazing is the fact that two separate universes finally came together in this crossover. So why not with the other DC Universe.

dc universe

With a huge difference in both the Universe, we understand it would be very difficult for the TV Universe to blend in with the movie universe as each character is on its own in both the universe. Even though Warner Bros owns the whole of DC, but there are certain legal implications that they would need to take care of, which we are guessing wouldn’t be as easy as said.

But then anything is possible, isn’t it?!! If not now, then maybe, just maybe in the next few years. We have seen DC multi-universe build some storylines which can make this possible. But let us just wait and watch how this eventually develops, if not now, then maybe in 7-8 years!

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