Margot Robbie Gave A Surprising Confession About The Joker

Suicide Squad has been slowly ascending at the box office worldwide, breaking two Marvel movie’s previous records and proving its worth in salt. The movie had initially received criticism from fans and critics on its release in August but has not failed to entertain movie goers at the movie theaters. Actress Margot Robbie has become the breakout star of the movie. Many commenting that her crazy/sensitive portrayal of Harley Quinn being the saving grace of the picture. The studio seems to have agreed as Warner Bros. just signed Robbie on for a solo Harley Quinn movie.

The actress hosted the 42nd Season Premiere of Saturday Night Live, a popular variety show in the US. In her opening monolog, Robbie plays a game called Fact Checking where she contradicts herself by telling a lie and a truth on one topic. Robbie talked about her experience with Jared Leto who played her lover The Joker in Suicide Squad.

“Jared Leto stayed in character like the whole time, which was so, so fun,” But, then, she fact-checking herself and said it was “not fun. It was kind of uncomfortable.”

Leto had taken the path of Method Acting when he took on The Joker. He was reportedly so serious about his role that he stayed in character even in between takes. He also famously gave his castmates eccentric gifts that The Joker might give, wich included dead rats to Margot Robbie. Leto has said:

“It was interesting to do because The Joker loves to play games, loves to manipulate, and it was part of the reason to [give the gifts“When you give a gift to someone in real life, you think about what do I get them. You think about who that person is to you, what would they like. So that immediately started to be really good homework for me.”

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