Facts About Dean Ambrose That Are Too Good To Be True

Dean Ambrose is a former World Heavyweight Champ, United States Champion and is also a former member of The Shield, which is one of the greatest factions in the history of pro wrestling:

He once said:

dean ambrose

And That’s Really True. Check out why!!

1. Dean Ambrose only knows how to eat soup using one chopstick

2. He spent a month inside a Denny’s, just pooping.

3. Dean Ambrose has been working on a fermented LEGO drink for several years and is very close to a finished product.

4. For the first three years of his life, Dean Ambrose’s diet consisted entirely of gumballs.

5. Dean Ambrose is an expert at falling out of the bed of a moving pickup truck without spilling his beer.

6. He briefly ran a food cart selling ‘melted pancakes’ where customers scooped raw pancake batter up with their bare hands.

7. Ambrose has shot himself in the face with a t-shirt canon. Twice.

8. He refers to vomiting as “speaking yeti”

9. He once ate a calculator in an effort to improve his math skills

10. He taught himself calculus by staring at the sun for three hours straight.

11. From maids to waitstaff, to cab drivers and beyond, his usual tipping amount is three bologna sandwiches

12. He was escorted from his junior prom by security after he accosted the DJ for not playing a tape of modem noises.

13. Dean Ambrose spends an inordinate amount of time getting  bugs drunk.

14. Dean Ambrose calls snakes “the angriest hot dogs in the world.”

15. As a child, Dean Ambrose ran a lemonade stand where he would throw nuts and bolts at passersby all day long.

16. The First Time he saw a Dirt Bike , he sobbed and screamed for two hours at the “space donkey” to go back to its home on the moon.

17. Once a week, He calls Vince Mcmahon to pitch him the idea of “me, sitting in the middle of the ring,eating a  baked potato for like half an hour.”

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