5 Most Controversial Stories Released by Marvel

Marvel has seen its fair share of controversy over the years. There are stories that have gone well and others which have not. Here are five controversial stories Marvel has ever released:


Fans were very unhappy about this story arc. It was one of the biggest controversies that the Spider-Man comics ever faced.In 2007’s “One More Day” story arc, Aunt May has been accidentally killed by a sniper, whose main target was actually Peter Parker. He becomes filled with guilt that drives him to make a deal with Mephisto- a devil character in Marvel. Parker wishes for Aunt May to come back in exchange for his marriage (the love Peter and Mary Jane was powerful enough for Mephisto to want it).

2) Captain America: Steve Rogers #1:


Marvel knew that they would court controversy with this story arc, but not to the level that fans took it. In 2016’s Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, the comic world saw the return of original Captain America Steve Rogers. The controversy lay within the twist of the story- Captain America was actually a member of HYDRA. Fans could not believe that The Cap was a Nazi, especially since his creators Jack Kirby and Joe Simon were both Jewish.

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