This MAJOR Batman Comic Character Will Definitely Not Appear In DCEU

DCEU has been trying to change in different ways. The studio is relevantly younger than its MCU competitor, but it has been given as much a comparison as it is criticism. The upcoming films that are lined up for the studio have become a shadow of its first two films that garnered as much hate as it did some love. DCEU has started to approach a more female influenced part of the comic world. With a solo Wonder Woman movie being released, it has already made a much-advanced step than MCU.


There were rumors that more female characters would also be entering the other movies as well, but it seems like that may not the case with the upcoming Batman movie. Actress Teresa Palmer had done an interview with website Screen Rant where she talked about her interest in playing Talia al Ghul. “If there’s ever an opportunity I would absolutely love [to play Talia]. Put it out there.” This little statement became a source for a new rumor to sprout out.


Overnight, the internet raged with speculations that Talia al Ghul might be in the new Batman movie. The character is an important part of the Batman canon, given that she has a son with Bruce Wayne who later on becomes Robin. She was last seen in Christopher Nolan’s the Dark Knight Rises, with Marion Cotillard playing the stoic character out for revenge.


The Wrap reports that Talia al Ghul will not be returning anytime soon in DCEU. Neither would her father, the psychopathic killing machine Ra’s al Ghul. The site said, “Our insider says that neither Talia al Ghul nor her dad will be in The Batman — or any DC film on the horizon.”

dceu batman

It is quite disappointing to hear, given as Batman has many strong female characters who have not yet been featured in the movies. Catwoman has been the only constant in the Batman canon and popular culture who has made a definite impact. It would have been a very positive thing to feature characters like Talia or Batgirl into the new film.

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