6 Famous Hollywood Celebs With Desi Tattoos

You must have seen your Hollywood celebs carrying different tattoos. But did you realize that some of your favorite celebs have got inked with ‘Desi’ tattoos? Take a look at these 5 Hollywood celebs and their Desi Tattoos.

 1) Jessica Alba


Tattoo Description:  She has got a tattoo on her wrist that says, ‘Padma’.

Yes, the word, ‘Padma’, inked on Jessica Alba’s wrist is the Sanskrit word. This word when translated means lotus that symbolizes the exquisiteness of someone who has risen above the complications and distractions of life. Like the lotus floats above the lake which are gloomy, but still, retains its beauty.

 2) Angelina Jolie


Tattoo Description:  She has got inked with a verse in Pali.

To celebrate the birth of her son Maddox, Angelina Jolie got inked with this tattoo on her back which is written in the Pali script. I am sure all of you must be curious to know what it means. Here is the translation of the tattoo:

May your enemies run away from you.

Your beauty will be that of Apsara

Where you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides.

If you acquire riches, may the remain yours always.

 3) Vanessa Hudgens


Tattoo Description: A beautifully made tattoo of the word ‘Om’.

So, what’s different with the word ‘Om’? Well, apart from the fact that this is a powerful word. Another thing that makes it all the more beautiful is the way it has been made. So, when she joins her hand (like we do Namaste), the word Om is seen.

 4) Brittany Snow

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Tattoo Description: She has got inked with the word ‘Abhay’, above her right ankle.

This Pitch Perfect star has inked, ‘Abhay’ above her right ankle. The word ‘Abhay’ means someone who is without fear.

 5) Adam Levine


Tattoo Description: Adam Levine have a lot of tattoos and one of them is the word ‘Tapas’.

This word ‘Tapas’ is above Levine’s left pectoral. So, what’s the meaning of the tattoo? As per him, it meant,‘inner fire or determination towards Yoga or any other practice’.

6. David Beckham

David Beckham is a football legend, model, and a tattoo freak. He has tattoos of all his kids’ names on his back and on his wrist. He has also inked his wife’s name “Victoria” on his left forearm which is in Hindi. But the spelling is incorrect. 😛

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