3 Critical Fights Where Spider-Man Was Easily Beaten Up

Spider-Man is one of the toughest and probably one of the most-talked-about character who is super agile and a highly skilled super fighter. He has thumped several villains in his comic book journey. The man behind the mask is Peter Parker, the normal human who is not insusceptible to injuries, but has a heroic persona once he veils himself behind the red-blue outfit to fight the injustice. However, Spider-Man can’t have all the marbles in the battleground. So here we are going to list down his three beatdowns.

 1) Hammer Head


The cover page look of Amazing Spider-Man #575, itself gives an impression of Peter Parker being thumped on the side face by Hammer Head. Spider-Man fights off Hammer Head, the old gangster deceased in Civil War. Then Mr. Negative resurrects Hamme Head upgrading his adamantium-made skull. The upgradations of his powers set him equivalent to Spider Man’s powers. As Spidey fight with him and breaks Hammer Head’s hand, the game takes a new turn with HH ends up defeating the Spider-Man.

2) Venom


Venom is one of the deadliest rogues of Spider-Man. There have been several battles between Venom and Spiderman, but his one from Amazing Spider-Man #347 is just gripping. The alien symbiote takes Spiderman to a deserted area. When Spidery opens his eyes he finds Venom standing on him fearlessly with authority. Venom talk about his earlier fights with Spider-Man and share his frustration for their fight being cut shot by civilians coming in between. Then Venom plays the cat-mouse game giving him space to escape and then catching him again. At one point Spidey fakes his death leaving his burned costume with a skeleton.

3) Electro


Marvel’s obsolete Marvel Nights tried to bring experimental stories through its Spider-Man #3. In this one, a mystery villain terrorizes Peter Parker and his family, that’s when Aunt May was kidnaped and Uncle Ben’s tombstone was thrashed. Parker was later tipped off about Electro’s involvement. He gets one-on-one with him at a brothel. He later realizes that Electro and Vulture were involved in his familial situation, and that’s when Electro gives him electroshock which led the web-slinger to a hospital.

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