Every Game of Thrones Character Who Got Friendzoned

All the people we’re going to look at became suckers for love! Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon have many similarities. There’s incest, nudity, and graphic violence in great battles, and there are several characters who are practically the same. But this article is about the ones who did not get to pork and love. They all got “Cockblocked” or Friendzoned! Here’s the list of every Game of Thrones character who got friendzoned:

Ser Jorah Mormont

This guy is arguably the King of all people who got friendzoned in Cinematic history. He tried to woo Khaleesi repeatedly. And all he got was agony and jealousy after seeing her lay with other men! Khaleesi didn’t want him to be her man, but she didn’t want him to go either. It was a classic case of “He is my best friend!” and nothing more. The poor guy died fighting for his love. He died for someone he believed in. And even in his dying moments, Khaleesi didn’t even have the courtesy to touch it once and make him smile!


Dario Naharis

Well, Dany did show some love to a few people. While Khal Drogo and Jon Snow became her true lovers, she found another temporary solution in Dario Naharis. This guy served his queen in multiple ways! Not only did he fight several battles for her cause, but he also had other ways to please her. Drogon wasn’t the only one that Khaleesi rode as Dario became her boy toy. But, his days as a Dragon rider didn’t last as he also got a similar Cockblock that Ser Jorah had right from the beginning.


Criston Cole

After seducing him once, Rhaenyra offered Ser Criston Cole the position that Dario held for Khaleesi. Criston asked her to marry him. But Rhaenyra only wanted her to be his boy toy. Well, ser Criston was a man of honor. He offered the place of “friends with benefits” to Ser Harwin Strong and cockblocked himself! Maybe he got those benefits from Queen Alicent. I guess we’ll see.



The redhead made it very clear that he was into Brienne. He liked it big, and Brienne was the biggest there ever was. But she broke his heart, and he didn’t get the girl. And for that, she probably had what was coming to her.

Brienne of Tarth

Game of Thrones Character Who Got Friendzoned

While Jaime Lannister kept on porking Cersie, people began to ship him and Brienne in every scene they were together. And ultimately, they did sleep with each other in the final season. But sadly, it was a hit-it-and quit-it thing for Jaime. The s*x was so bad that he ran back to his sister right after it. Brienne deserved better. She made the wrong choice, as she should have chosen Tormund instead of Jaime. He would have loved her forever!


Lysa Arryn

This woman from House Tully was very fond of the Little Finger. But he took advantage of her love. She fed Robin Arryn for a long time but never got to do the same to Petyr Baelish. And right when she thought her dreams were going to come true, the little Finger sent her flying through the Moon Door. He reserved his little thing for the Stark ladies.


Petyr Baelish

First, he fell in love with Lady Catelyn Stark. But she married Ned Stark instead. While Baelish avenged Ned, He fell for the same trap again when he started loving Catelyn and Ned’s daughter Sansa. But even this time, he didn’t get the girl. Instead, Sansa gave him the knife! Well, in his case, he deserved this fate for what he did to Ned Stark.


Jason Lannister

The twin brother of Tyland Lannister tried his charm on Rhaenyra. And when she showed no interest in him, he went to bed and wed Rhaenyra to King Viserys. Thankfully for the princess, even the King ensured that he wouldn’t get any action from House Targaryen. But he did try to betroth Rhaenyra to others.


Honorable Mention – Everyone Who Came To Marry Rhaenyra

King Viserys gave Rhaenyra the option to choose her husband. And apparently, men of all ages stood in line to offer their peckers! Ultimately, Rhaenyra rejected them all while they began fighting amongst each other.

And with that, I will end this crusade of cockblocking and friendzoning. Which of them did you feel pity for? Let us know in the comments.


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