10 Women Who Had The Honor of Sleeping With Wolverine

Wolverine is best in whatever he does and being an hard-wearing killing monster. Male fans love him for being a badass who has ripped body and is indestructible. Well, women love him pretty much for the same reason. He has always been a sign of destructive force and raw sexuality. In the middle of fighting the evil and smoking cigars, he fell in love many times. So today we bring you ten little-known romances of Logan.


5 Times Wolverine Got Sassy With Women

In Wolverine #13 (2004), Sabretooth recruits Logan to search for a wild creature Native. After some time, Logan finds out and tracks down Native and realizes that the creature is a wild woman with claws similar. She lived in the woods that she turned into a wild animal. He tracks down space and they fall in love and live together.


Melita Garner

In Wolverine: WeaponX #1 (2009), Logan saves Melita Garner from an attack in San Francisco. Garner and Logan later get into a love bond. Even before they started, he tried to save her. In the due course, Mystique break their relationship after she has sex with Logan.


 Silver Fox

In Wolverine #10 (1989), we got the info Logon lived in Yukon, he met a local woman called Silver Fox and fell in love with her. The two lived together happily until Sabretooth destroyed their lover relationship he killed Silver Fox. In Wolverine #60-64 (1992), He figures out that Silver Fox was not dead, but Sabretooth killed her again.


Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl has fought and defeated almost every villain she fought with which includes Doctor Doom, Thanos, and even Galactus. In New Avengers #7 (2010), Squirrel Girls once ran into Logan. The two had a strange conversation where he complimented her for the way she looked. There was something, but it is not sure what kind of relationship they were in.



wolverine went naughty wolverine sex

In 1982’s first independent series, Logan went to Japan to find his long lost love Mariko. In his trip, he gets involved with several women. But he builds her deepest love bond with Yukio.


After Logan saves Mariko from an attempted kidnapping while in Japan, they grew close and they even spent a night together. But due to the situation where she has to take over her family business, they have to part their ways leaving their time just as “one-night” encounter.

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