This Suicide Squad Member Takes His Stance On Marvel Vs DC

The battle between Marvel Vs DC has been a battle that passionate fans have argued over for years. Both Marvel and DC have never officially confirmed a rivalry between the two companies but the truth is in the pudding. From comics to movies, Marvel has long established itself amongst its readers and viewers if you count the success rate of their comic book series and their movies. But DC has never lagged behind as the company has always had the knack to divulge into darker territories that Marvel tends to avoid, DCEU is also still a child when compared to MCU with only three releases to its name as compared to Marvel’s decade worth of movies.


Suicide Squad actor Jai Courtney recent did an interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz where the actor put a word in or two about the supposed rivalry:

“DC’s still the bad guy too, you know. Marvel has this incredible formula that seems to work. I think some elements of those movies, not that I see a lot of them, but I think some are done really, really well, and they’re very entertaining. They’ve had the time to sort of let that s*** marinate to the point where everything’s established now. We don’t have to figure out who anyone is. It’s like cool, get them all together and lets have a f***ing orgy and make a billion dollars, and that’s great. I think it’s awesome. Listen, if I was playing Thor for the ninth time, you know, I’d be stoked as well. As I’m sure Chris [Hemsworth] is.”

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Horowitz also brought up the topic of the new Flash movie.The reporter asked Courtney if he was involved in the movie as rumors were speculating, to which the actor replied that he “Liked that rumor.” Captain Boomerang which Cortney plays in Suicide Squad has long been a villain to The Flash.

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