5 Shocking Celebrity Moments Caught On Camera

Paparazzi always have eagle eyes on celebrities, they stalk every single movement so they can be the first one to break the ice. They are the ones who capture the craziest and weird moments of stars. Here are the five shocking celebrity moments caught by the paparazzi.

1. Britney Spears’ Breakdown

Shocking Celebrity Moments Caught By The Paparazzi

Well, this one is a little psychotic. Britney Spears’ breakdown in 2007 is one of the hilarious moments ever captured. She shaved her head and showed signs that she had lost it. She was reported to be dealing with near financial ruin. She had to lose her custody of children to Kevin Federline. It got so worse that she attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella.

2.  Health Ledger and Cocaine Video

In a video in 2006, Heath Ledger was caught making cocaine and it got viral in them mainstream media. Well, two photographers of a Hollywood agency were accused of giving cocaine to Ledger, so that they could film him using it. The actor was already dealing with his inner evils. In 2008, a drug cocktail took his soul away.

3. Nigella Lawson Fight

Shocking Celebrity Moments Caught By The Paparazzi

In 2013, the Nigella Lawson and his husband Charles Saatchi was caught fighting at a restaurant. He was found with his hands around her throat and she was crying. According to the reports, Nigella said she was seeing a baby passing and talking about grandchildren when Saatchi grabbed her throat and said: “I am the only person you should ver concerned with”. However, Saatchi said that he was trying to get cocaine out of her nose. The couple later parted away.

4. Justin Bieber Spitting

Shocking Celebrity Moments Caught By The Paparazzi

In 2013, the singer got in trouble when he was found expectorate over the fans from his Toronto apartment. Well, the problem was there were fans waiting to see him in front of his apartment. He insisted that he was not spitting at his friends.

5. Michael Jackson’s Baby Dangling

shocking celebrity moments
Shocking Celebrity Moments Caught By The Paparazzi

The king of pop had been through several unquestionable moments in his life. One moment was when Jackson put a towel around his son Prince Jackson II and took him over a balcony in a hotel in Berlin. Well, he was trying to connect with his fans, but his fans were thrilled that he would drop the baby. This caused him to issue an apology.

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