5 Hidden Details In Pixar Movies You Might Have Missed

Animation movies are filled with crazy jokes in the background, but Pixar is taking its movies to a new level incorporating tons of past references that go unnoticed by us. Well, we bring you five best details of the Pixar movies that you might have missed it.

1.Toy Story with familiar stories


During an arousing speech in front of the bookshelf, if you look carefully at the titles of books, you would get to see some familiar names like Adventures of Andre and Wally B, Tin Toy and Nick Nack, which are the short films the Pixar-produced prior to the Toy Story.

2. Same Carpet Color


There is one scene in The Toy Story when Buzz tries to escape Sid’s house just to join his toy collections. The thing that makes it extra terrifying is that Sid’s carpet is the same design from The Overlook Hotel from 1983 movie, The Shining.

3. Mr. Potato Head


When Mr.Potato makes his appearance in Toy Story 2, he pretty much steals the show. In one scene when Mrs. Potato agrees and she realizes that she found her earring, she immediately throws down her book, which shows A Bugs Life.

4. The Finding Nemo movie gives sneak peak to future movies


If you look closely in one of the scenes when the kid and the albatross get scared by the sounds of a dentist machine, you will see him reading a comic book called Mr. Incredible, that four years before the movie released.

5. Postcards from The Fredericksen

screen-shot-1938-06-24-at-12-23-07-pm pixar

As we know during the beginning, Carl and Ellie travel quite a bit in their youth, we apparently had to see some new friendships explored. If you take a close look at the board in Andy’s room in Toy Story 3, you will get to see The Fredericksen and the post guard.

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