Of Mothers and Babies – The (Maternal) Vampire Diaries



The mother force was strong in Episode 7 of The Vampire Diaries. Here’s a rundown of the fantastic “Thanksgiving” episode that gave the viewers a lot to be thankful for!

Whoever heard of pregnant vampires before?  Caroline being pregnant with Alaric and Jo’s babies was a shocker that will take all of the two-week hiatus to process.

For Alaric (who needless to say has the worst luck with women -Isobel, Jenna, the Dr and now Jo), it’s only fair that his wedding-turned-nightmare didn’t take everything from him and the next generation Gemini twins survived. But we can only imagine how this accidental pregnancy might put a kink in Caroline’s plans for her life and her relationship.

Stefan found out from Valerie a few episodes ago that he could have had a completely different life back in 1863  (i.e. been a father). This happens to be his one regret in his century and a half on the planet, and he is still haunted by what could’ve been. The trailer for episode 8 is evidence enough of that.

This revelation provides the viewers some explanation for the “Three-years later” flash-forward, which showed Caroline and Alaric engaged and Caroline never wanting to hear the name “Stefan Salvatore” EVER again. It is also quite convenient for Candice Accola, who plays Caroline and is currently pregnant herself, as well as the show runners. Now they won’t have to hide Candice’s bump behind bags and desks all the time!

Back in Mystic Falls, the Salvatore brothers were busy convincing (or was it torturing) their mother Lily to help them kill the psycho love of her life Julian by highlighting her bad taste in men. This is done through recounting childhood memories of their own psycho father Giuseppe Salvatore.

The flashbacks to Thanksgiving circa 1851 were one of the best in the history of the show. We got an insight into the Salvatore household and the brothers’ childhood under the parenting of a sadistic, drunkard father and an scared, oppressed mother.

We also got to see Damon’s caring side for his little brother when he bore the brunt of his fathers’ anger just so Stefan wouldn’t have to. Thankfully, the heart-wrenching trip down memory lane wasn’t futile and Lily ended up seeing the error of her ways.

With Lily on their side and a plan that has viewers tingling with excitement and Caroline’s mystical pregnancy, the forthcoming episode promises a powerful punch and if previous episodes this season are any indication, it will be legendary!



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