5 Most Expensive Batman Movies Ever Made

Batman is one of DC comics superheroes and one of comic book and movie fan favorites.He has seen man transformations in different films and they were never cheap either. Here is a list of the most expensive Batman films ever made (the top five anyway):

1) The Dark Knight Rises:


Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy was the most expensive Bat-movie ever made. With a budget of $262 million, the movie added more locations for filming. Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, London, and Glasgow can all be seen within the film, and 11,000 extras were employed during the Gotham Rouges football sequence, which was filmed at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field. Nolan also the more expensive IMAX 70mm film stock to capture various action sequences. The movie was also the most profitable with a box office return of over a billion dollars. It is currently the fifth highest-grossing superhero movie of all time.

2) Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice:


The movie cost $250 million to make and was considered an underperformer at the box office. The studio expected to get a billion dollar return after forking an additional $165 million for marketing alone.Ben Affleck’s Batsuit alone cost $100,000 with additional spare suits being made for spares.

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