Will Doctor Strange Introduce The Illuminati To Marvel?

Doctor Strange, Marvel’s next big release has been touted to introduce audiences to the magical and mystical side of the MCU. Past films have only concentrated on magic being rooted in science (Thor) but the new film will truly focus on magic-The lead character is a sorcerer who can time travel. Since Guardians Of The Galaxy showed a whole other galaxy, expect Doctor Strange to bring on another world filled with its own quirks and characters.

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has been making the rounds on his press tour for the movie and has revealed certain gems that can be touted as the next phase in MCU. when talking with movie website Screen Rant, Cumberbatch hinted that there could be a possibility of an Illuminati film in the works for the future.

“I think playing any iconic role when you’re stepping into big shoes, into the shadow of people who have come before you and you can’t process that in a movie to movie basis … I’m excited to see where the Illuminati and whatever else might happen, how that works, and where it ends up. So, yeah, I’m aware of his place within the comic pantheon of it all, the Marvelverse, but I don’t email Kevin saying, “When are we doing next film?” I’m excited to see. I’m excited to see. And as you know, from all these previous incarnations, they play out in unexpected ways from the comic format and journey, so they manage to both fulfill that magical space of doing things that seem to please diehard fans and bring something new as well. So, I guess that’ll be the centerpiece for this guy’s journey.”

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Although they bear the same name as the supposed secret society, Marvel’s Illuminati consisted of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Professor X, Black Bolt and Prince Namor (Black Panther was also invited, but declined over ideological objections).This secret group powerful superheroes met in secret to manipulate and control the events of the Marvel Universe from behind the scenes.

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