6 Awesome Movies With Awful Dialogues

In every movie there are bad lines, they are more in numbers in bad movies, but sometimes it comes in great movies too. Here are 6 Terrible Lines In Great Movies.

1) Jurassic Park

jurassic park t rex first

In Steven Spielberg’s movie “Jurassic Park”, Donald Gennaro is the lawyer sent along with the movie’s dinosaur expert’s to determine the park’s safety, but the wording of his warning shows some flawed logic. “Your Investors, Whom I Represent, Are Deeply Concerned.” This line is butchered by the clumsy wording.

2) North by Northwest

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North by Northwest, Lehman penned an exchange racy enough to send 1959 crowds into bouts of the vapors. In the original line, Saint informs Grant that she’s never made love on an empty stomach, clarifying she’s referring to his stomach. ” I never make love on an empty stomach”, but it was changed in post-production to “I never discuss love on an empty stomach” as censor board thought it is inappropriate.

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