6 Actors With Embarrassing Movie Roles

Work is God! Everyone doesn’t start with their dream jobs, for a kick, some of us just do whatever work we get, and in a later stage, it is embarrassing for us to even acknowledge that. That is even true for actors. Some of them get a big role while some of them start from the bottom. Here are the 6 actors who started their career with embarrassing roles.

1) Ben Affleck “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Ben Affleck has had a love-hate relationship with Hollywood. You might not remember one of his earliest roles. In 1992 he played a role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And before he was cast as “Basketball Player Number Ten”. This is quite a heartbreaking start for a two-time oscar award winner actor.

2) Emilia Clarke “Triassic Attack”


Before she became a Khaleesi, the mother of dragons was actually practicing her skills on dinosaurs. In 2010’s TV movie “Triassic Attack,” she was caught in the middle of a classic “haunted dinosaur bones” situation.

3) Emma Stone “Superbad”


Emma stone stole everyone’s heart when she played a role in 2007 Sath Rogen/Evan Goldberg as Jonah Hill’s love interest. A year before that she was doing a little behind the scenes work at Disney.

4) Tom Cruise “Endless Love”


His original plan was to become a priest. The actor got his start on the big screen in Franco Zeffirelli’s 1981 Endless Love. It is widely regarded as the worst movie of Tom Cruise he ever did.

5) Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court”


Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet are two most high rated performers who have been acting since childhood. Daniel Craig who is famously known for his roles in James Bond movies and Winslet blew everyone away for the first time as Rose in Titanic. But, back in 1995, the two actors worked together on A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.

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