6 Actors Who Auditioned For ‘Hero’ But Were Cast As ‘Villain’

3. Cillian Murphy from Batman Begins (2005)

sacrThe Irish actor, Lilian Murphy, was actually upper the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman but was cast as the Jonathan Crane(Scarecrow) in the Dark Knight Trilogy. Check out what Christopher Nolan said about Murphy’s audition in a report by Geeky Tyrant.

“We also had Cillian Murphy screen-test for Batman. He wasn’t right for that part in the way that Christian was. But the performance was incredible and everybody took huge notice of it while we were shooting it and while we watched the tests. I then was able to go to the studio and ask to put him in as Crane, as Scarecrow.”

4. James Franco from Spider-Man (2002)

actors auditioned for heroThe American actor and filmmaker, Jame Franco, played Harry Osborne in the 2002 Spider-Man movie. But he initially auditioned for Peter Parker, dubbed as Spider-Man, which was later played by Tobey Maguire.

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