5 Movie Scenes Banned For Shocking Reasons

Movie censorship is one of the most common things. One country can get offended by one scene while the another one can on another scene. Sex, drugs, and violent scenes are one that faces most fierce of the censor board. Here are the 5 Movie Scenes Banned For Shocking Reasons.

1) Wolf of Wall Street

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It’s very common for films to get scene deleted or shortened for release in countries with stricter censorship. In Wolf of Wall Street, if you cut all the scenes involving drugs, swearing, and nudity you’d probably reduce its 3 hours running to a TV half hour, so countries like Malaysia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Kenya just chose to ban this movie. It got extensively cut down in India, while it went to very few theaters in Singapore.

2) Mad Max

In 1979 the first Mad Max film shocked everyone in Australia and the entire world for its depiction of gang war in dystopian future. New Zealand subsequently banned this movie, but later it released the movie, after the success of its sequel.

3) Teen America

For the film’s love scene, thing progressively escalates through the traditional sex position to more advanced techniques before going full scatological, there were significant cuts to this scene.

4) Back to the Future

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In 2011, China banned on all movies that contain time travel. They felt these films encouraged filmmakers to treat history in a frivolous way, extending the ban on everything from a Christmas Carol to Autin Powers.

5) Independence Day

This movie showed the world uniting, under the American president, against the shared threat of an alien invasion. This movie is not at all objectionable, but the movie is banned in Lebanon because it depicted scenes of Israeli and Iraqi soldiers joining forces, it sends the message of peace and Harmony, but Hezbollah militant group got offended by this and they pressured the Lebanese government to ban the movie.

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