4 Sequels You Didn’t Know Were Sequels

Well sometimes the movies look familiar, but they are actually not. You are not going to believe but some movies have hidden sequel-mentions that you didn’t know actually were sequels, may be intentionally or not, due to change in scenery, title, style, actors or other elements. We bring you five movies that you didn’t know were sequels.

1.My Summer Story(1994)


My Summer Story is dubbed as It Runs In The Family, which was a sequel to the Christmas story. Since it appeared in a decade after a Christmas Story, MGM decided to call the sequel It Runs In The Family in order to distance it from the holiday classic.  Although, after the huge fiscal disaster MGM retitled the released My Summer Story, following a total facelift of the cast. In 2012, A Christmas Story was released. Well, the movie didn’t fascinate the audience.

2. The Jewel of The Nile(1985)


The Jewel of The Nile is the sequel to the Romancing The Stone(1984). Before Robert Zebecks thrilled the world from Back To The Future series he proved his worth with the romancing comedy Romancing The Stone. The story about the romancing novelist who get into kidnapping plots, treasure hunts and dashing stunts became the award-winning success.

3. Patriot Games(1992)


The Patriot Games is the sequel to The Hunt for Red October(1990). Before Tom Clancy was known for video games, he became popular, Thanks to his series of novels featuring Jack Ryan. The CIA agent appeared in the five action flips. You probably don’t realize these movies were related.

4. The Chronicles of Riddick(2004)

chronicles-of-riddick sequels

The Chronicles of Riddick was a sequel to 2000 movie Pitch Black, a horror-Scifi action movie. The movie put Vin Diesel in the popular charts adding his effort in the blockbuster The Fast and The Furious and xXx. Roddick was one the badass characters in the movie and stolen the spotlight.

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