4 Most Misleading Trailers

The first impression isn’t always right. Trailers are launched just to make fans excited about the upcoming movie. Sometimes these are just crazy enough to make fans gaga over the movie. Here are 5 trailers which were far better than the movies.

1) The Rules of Attraction

As the funky music starts and we watch teenagers party drink and generally misbehave. It seems like we are witnessing the coming of age teen comedy of the year. Throughout the trailer, we were under the impression that would be leaving the theater laughing. But we got instead was a pessimistic story centered on a sociopath and  a lot of unhappy teens struggling with drug abuse and alcoholism.

2) Jarhead

From the moment trailer, for movie Jarhead opened, the site of a bald Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier is enough to convince us to put on our watch list. With scenes of commanding officers barking out on borders. We thought that this 2005 film would be another saving private. However, fans of violent action movie were greatly disappointed after they found the Jarhead is a biographical drama which contains very little action.

3) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The trailer of this gothic revenge tale begins by showing a young man played by Johnny Depp with a wife and child enjoying a happy married life. But this is soon destroyed by a corrupt judge who sends him off what seemed to be false charges, while his wife and child were captured. He returns as a changed man and is now a killer. But the trailer doesn’t tell you that the flick is a musical.

4) Pan’s Labyrinth

panhed trailers

With a dark and brooding atmosphere throughout the trailer together with haunting music and an intense voiceover describing the events, we see the absence of dialogue made the Pan’s Labyrinth trailer even more misleading.

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