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    5 Most Amazing Trailers of the Upcoming Hollywood Movies

    The year 2016 has given us a lackluster taste in terms of delivering movies. Irrespective of the genres, the year failed to bring the better stuff around the entertainment corner. The year 2017 is prepped up with a huge and interesting line up of movies. So we have brainstormed a bit about the cinematic condition of 2017 and we have…

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    4 Most Misleading Trailers

    The first impression isn’t always right. Trailers are launched just to make fans excited about the upcoming movie. Sometimes these are just crazy enough to make fans gaga over the movie. Here are 5 trailers which were far better than the movies. 1) The Rules of Attraction As the funky music starts and we watch teenagers party drink and generally…

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    4 Movie Trailers That Are Much Better Than Their Movies

    Movie trailers are one of the best marketing tools to give a glimpse and a general synopsis of what the movies are going to be. With the killer-editing jobs and fascinating graphics, the trailers don’t fail to pitch the movie geeks. And the unforgettable sounds just add up in this recipe. The two-minute trailer connects the audience with varieties of…

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