3 Reasons Why Watchmen Might Exist In DCEU

Zack Snyder is a polarizing figure amongst fans. He has delivered three movies- Man Of Steel, Batman Vs Superman, Watchmen- which are based on comic books and all have seen a mountain of criticism thrown its way. But Snyder has not let this get him down, in fact, he seems to be more introspective about what his audience had said and tried to give them what they may want. And it seems like Snyder is leaving some clues of Watchmen being featured in the DCEU. Here are the reasons why:



1) Watchmen Are Featured In DC’s Rebirth:


Watchmen and the DC multi-universe have always been separated in comic books. But with the release of DC’s Rebirth, that separation was finally over. The most powerful entity on earth, Doctor Manhattan being the reason. The two worlds meld when the world is at stake from alien forces and the Doctor becomes a weapon.

This move by Rebirth may also have connections with the DCEU for further movie adaptations since its moving in the same realm as MCU and joining up multi stories and heroes.

2) Batman Vs Superman Contains An Easter Egg:


Snyder has been known to plant obscure easter eggs for fans that sometimes not always seen at first and need a double take. In Batman Vs Superman, a billboard with graffiti reads “The End is Nigh.” is seen at the beginning of the movie. The character Rorschach holds signs that say this in Watchmen. Another scene features an abandoned house- where a fight happens- and on the walls are written “Quis Custodient Ipsos Custodes?” which can be translated from Latin to “Who Watches the Watchmen?”

3) Suicide Squad Features An Easter Egg As Well:


A scene in Suicide Squad features a smiley face button- When Deadshot looks longingly at store mannequins while remembering his daughter, the mannequins wear this button. Watchmen’s most famous motif is the blood-stained button worn by the Comedian.

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