3 Crazy Team-Ups of Deadpool

Deadpool, also dubbed as Wade Wilson, is a crazy butt-smacking mutant, who no doubt annoys the shit of the other characters in the Marvel Universe. One of the crazy abilities of him which also make him immortal is his ability to heal from the worst injuries and pretty much casually handles them. Although, Merc with the Mouth likes to hang out with other MC characters that we have seen in his 2016 movie, Deadpool. Moreover, he has managed to team up with other characters, most of them were special while some just did not work. Without further ado, we bring you three weirdest and greatest team-ups of him.

1.Deadpool and Captain America


Well, it is quite strange to picture to see both the superheroes together and we know you would never ever expect that. Both characters are almost similar as they are soldiers created by government agencies. Fact apart, Deadpool is a stand-up comedian which no one laughs at, while America is only a stand-up guy. After the death of the Wolverine, both of them combat bad guys to prevent them from obtaining the DNA of Wolverine. Well, they both get back to home and share a toast in the memory of their friend.

2. Deadpool and Spider-Man


After meeting in Amazing Spider-Man #611, the two of them were able to work well and were seen together. In the storyline of “Suicide Kings”, Deadpool was seen exploding buildings and killing people. Punisher and Daredevil tried to keep him down, but Spider-Man team up with Deadpool to kill the true villain, Tombstone.

3. Deadpool and Wolverine

deadpool-vs-wolverine crazy

When Deadpool was hired to kill the Wolverine by Bucky Barnes in Wolverine: Origins, he should have thought for a minute that his super healing powers were derived from mutant Wolverine. As Deadpool succeeds in capturing him and after planning a successful strategy in the place, Wolverine’ son Daken come in the scene. Well, the rivalry did not last and Wolverine hired Deadpool to join X-force.

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