8 Wonderful Quotes by Charles on Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine is not just a show about detectives but is a lot more than that. It gives you a number of quotes that you can use in your real life too. Take a look at 8 wonderful quotes by Charles on Brooklyn Nine Nine.

1) Jake: Rosa has every right to be angry. I didn’t listen to her and I messed up her task force. The only way to make this up to her is to do the worst, most awful thing imaginable.
Charles: Dip your penis in vinegar.
J: What? No! Why would you say that?
C: In Sunday school they said the Babylonians did that to their enemies. I’ve been terrified ever since.


2) Terry: So we have good news, and we have bad news.
Charles: My Nana always said, “Bad news first because the good news is probably a lie.” Fun fact: she made me cry a lot.


3) Truth time. We love your husband. He’s a great cop. We will do anything to protect him. And you have incredibly attractive hands.
And you! What are you doing, lying to your wife? Unless you want to end up moving into my ex-wife’s new boyfriend’s basement with me, you better man up. Don’t you ever keep anything from this beautiful woman again?
Seriously, you are beautiful. If he ever lies to you again, you can call me.


4) Gina: Damn it, Charles. This is a crisis. Step one: termination. You and I will never touch again.
Charles: Damn! If I had know it was our last time, I would have moaned more.


5) He is so strong but so gentle. He’s like an enormous, muscular Ellen DeGeneres.


6) Charles: Mommy is out of town and we are gonna party!
Gina: You call your ex-wife Mommy?
Charles: Not consciously.


7) Oh, you’re right. I’m gonna tell him. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. It definitely won’t be later than tomorrow. So pretty much today or tomorrow then.


8) Charles: Okay, but I thought since you were in charge, maybe I could be your right-hand man? Your Tinker Bell?
Rosa: Tinker Bell?
Charles: Let me tell you something about Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell is a loyal lieutenant and a real thorn in the side of Captain Hook.


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