The Messy Minds of Creative people

Have you ever thought why there are some people whose ideas are so out of the box? Why whatever they think is always so novel? You give them waste and they will create wonders out of it. You give them a problem and they will find a solution so unique and new.

But have you ever thought how their minds work???

Today morning as I was sipping tea from my favorite cup, suddenly a thought came rushing towards me, whispering in my ears, questioning me how the mind of a creative person work? Its connections must be different from those people who are not so creative! There must be some different chemical reactions taking place in their mind that do not occur in the not-so-creative people’s minds.

And then… my eagerness to search on a topic was woken up again by my very own creative mind! 😛

Creativity is Complexity

Various research has shown that creativity is not driven by just one factor but is a combination of intellectual, emotional, motivational and moral characteristics. People who are creative give preference to complexity. They have the ability to extract solutions from chaos, work with unconventionality and are risk takers.

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Scientists say, “Creative people are primitive as well as cultured, more destructive as well as more constructive, occasionally crazier and yet adamantly saner than an average person.
And not to our surprise, even at the neurological level, creativity is crazier and complex.

Creative Brain

Creative brain, unlike normal brain, doesn’t limit itself to the usage of only left or right part of the brain. It utilizes whole of the brain’s area for its process. Since creativity is the combination of emotions, intelligence, conscious and unconscious mind, creative process connects itself on various parts of the brain.

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There is a mode in our brain called imagination network which is most active when we engage in day-dreaming and while letting our thoughts wander around. It works along with our brain’s executive network to grab attention, block out external distractions and focus only on our imagination.

The mind of a creative person is good at switching between these brain networks – activating and deactivating them. That is why they are able to grab the best possible unique and novel solutions as well as generate new ideas.

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And so, just like creativity is complex, the creative mind is also complex! Perhaps, this is why creative people are not easy to pin down, they are unconventional and unexpected.

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