• CelebsPhoto of The Messy Minds of Creative people

    The Messy Minds of Creative people

    Have you ever thought why there are some people whose ideas are so out of the box? Why whatever they think is always so novel? You give them waste and they will create wonders out of it. You give them a problem and they will find a solution so unique and new. But have you ever thought how their minds…

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  • NewsPhoto of 5 Facets of Creativity

    5 Facets of Creativity

      I believe that we all have the potential for creativity. As children, we are encouraged to explore all of the realms of our imagination and develop our talents. As we grow older though, these creative urges are sometimes repressed by feelings of “I’m not good enough.”   Imagine if some of the most widely respected creative geniuses in history…

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  • NewsPhoto of 4 Inspiring TED talks

    4 Inspiring TED talks

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the biggest platform of “ideas worth spreading”: TED. Coming from “Technology, Entertainment and Design,”the platform actually initiated with a simple conference in 1984 during which inspirational talkers shared their ideas on a variety spectrum to the general public. The concept was a success and it is ever since held annually in Vancouver, Canada.…

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